King (co)

Album: Forged by Satan's Doctrine (2012)

Song: When the Walls in Heaven Turn in Black

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Blasting and uncompromising death/black metal from Medellin, Colombia. Crushing the gates of heaven, KING has brutally risen to the throne of evil and crude metal for 2012! Forged by Satan's Doctrine features 11 devastating tracks, plus 2 CD-Rom videos!

"KING was forged by Satan in 2005 with the more unholy metals of Hell, to date we only express brutality, blasphemy, hatred and evil."

"KING fue forjado por Satanas en el 2005 con los metales mas malditos del infierno, hasta la fecha solo expresamos brutalidad, blasfemia, odio y maldad."